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My partner, me and the Aura: a vital third element


We live and experience a significant part of our life together as contributors of energy to a project that is constantly giving to us and to everyone surrounding it: energy, support, love… In which all of us: my partner and me as a couple, his family, the rest of the people involved in the project, our auras and the energetic guidance we get are there to help us to develop at every single movement. Everyone here is in constant movement towards freedom, happiness, endless laughing, humor, consciousness about ourselves and the world, the Planet, humankind, the Aura, the nature, Mother-Father Earth…

When I think about all of us I feel a circle of energy in which we give energy with one of our hands and receive energy through the other. But it is much beyond that. We are living in a balanced exchange of energy, in a project guided by the Aura and the Universe’s energies and guidance.

These feelings and concepts are something new in my life. I discovered it when I came here. In other times, relationships and places in my life, it was not like this. This circle of energy is possible because the people active in this project learned specific tools to have balanced Auras, be connected to their life purpose, and create a collective mission. This is what I am learning here. Before, most part of my life was disconnected from a common mission. Mostly every thing was individualistic, every one had their own lifes and in some moments I was part of them, but that was all. A coffee here, a dinner there… what about the rest of our lifes? There were no teams. No common visions or projects.

Perhaps most importantly, I learned something huge:

We are here to discover and accomplish as much as we can our life purpose and to do that to overcome fears and limitations we will find in the way, using the Aura.

We are a group of people who became leaders of our lives through this project, searchers who found each other after trying many other different methods until we found the one in which we are in constant development.

We have found a different way of living in which a constant guide is helping us to make FEARLESS DECISIONS AND LEAD A NON-LIMITTED LIFE.

This guidance is the Aura, the Universe’s and Orel’s wisdom.

Everyone can learn how to communicate with their own auras. It is, in a way, much more easy that any other thing you probably did in your life before.

A channeled image from my Aura about the Community Energy Contributors we are



I drew this image yesterday. It is not exactly the image I have described above but it is one of the different images I feel and see from my Aura about who we are and what we do; and I wanted to share it with you.

The colourful balls are balls of energy that create a unique common energy that will explode and touch a lot of people to bring to their lives light, color, fun and new points of view!!!

Another channeled image from my Aura "Surfing the Aura with friends"





This image is also from yesterday. My Aura told me that she wanted to show me how the people in the Aura are surfing the Aura altogether. The image brought me a lot of feelings of joy, fun, light and smiles.  Now that I am uploading it here I am smiling just thinking about all of us sliding down in a huge colorful tobogan 🙂




Connecting with my aura and life purpose is the most bountiful movement I ever did in my life.

–       I am laughing more than ever.

–       I have started to draw.

–       I am learning to talk completely straight. Not bends or second intention in my speech. People who talk straight, direct, clear and very honest surround me.

–       I have learned to not to judge myself but to love myself.

–       I have changed my way of dressing to colours that suit my energy.

–       My sense of humor is getting developed more and more day by day .

–       I am part of a community of people willing to help to develop everyone and committed to constant development for themselves.

–       I have overcome destructive habits like bulimia.

–       I have started a healthy and loving relationship in constant creation, movement and development in which I learn everyday new things.

–       I am discovering and reaching everyday my Prebirth Life Plan.

–       I can channel and get answers that are aiming me towards positive paths I would have never experienced or even pass through my mind before.

–       I am freest than ever.

–       I have overcome many fears.

–       I have healed my relationship with my father.

–       I have improved significantly my relationship with my mother.

–       My mother has increased her self-esteem and has started movements in her life and now I feel her happier and more smiley. She has even started to draw too!

–       I am learning amazing parenting by spending time with two very special kids who were raised through the aura. They don’t have such feelings as shyness, fear of being a loser, a failure, to not to do it well, to not be good enough for something… They are trying again and again new things. They enjoy life without fears. They play any instrument that falls in their hands, no matter if they never touched it before, or they will make a “mistakes” or any other fear. I would have never dared to do such a thing in my childhood, and also as an adult. They try and enjoy the experience. These kids are concerned about nature, other peoples’ wellbeing, self-development and other’s development. Concerned about energies and how to manage them…

–       I am eating very healthy and free of chemicals food every day.

–       I have a bunch of people golden hearts surrounding me.

–       Every day there is something new in my life.

–       I am learning to find joy in simple things, in every breath, in every bite of life, in every second of life and feel it deeply.

–       I love and I am loved.

–       …

These are some of the things of what our vital third element has brought to our lifes.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am a beating heart behind this blog 🙂

And if you are interested in finding out more about the project, click here: Healaura. Or ask me directly. I am just trying to share with you what is happening now in my life 🙂