Monthly Archives: April 2012

A melting hug


Once, at the beginning of the relationship with my partner, I was in the Skytrain coming back home and I decided to use the time to channel. I asked my aura to give me an image of the relationship we were starting. We were still in the second week of our relationship.

I saw a very clear image, in which we were together, hugging each other, and slowly slowly we were melting one in another; and the ground swallowed the liquid created. From the liquid made of our “melting hug”, a huge, green and full of life and strength tree was born. I could see how the tree was growing straight and strong up to the sky.

My aura wanted to show me how, through the aura, our relationship would be: a unit on energy ready to constant creation in synchronicity of movements; always full of life, development and change. By then, the concept of unit of energy was new for me.

This image brought me a lot of happiness, excitement and joy! I wanted to create such a thing with someone!! This was my dream for many years. At this time, around 10 months ago, I couldn’t believe that what my aura was showing me, could be real.

I fell in love with the image and I kept it in my mind as a constant reminder of what it could be. More precisely, what it would be if I would stay in the aura and if I would build the relationship through the aura. Nowadays, this image is a reflection of what we are constantly trying to build between each other. We are and we will always be in a place of creation, as we are in constant development. The tree will never stop growing new leaves, branches, height… reaching new clouds, light, air… Bringing new colors, new life.

Last week was the first time that Yam and me were separated for more than 4 or 3 hours since I went to live with him (3 weeks after meeting him physically for first time). He had to go to a trip of 2 days and I couldn’t go with him. We work together, we live together and we still want more and more time together.

It is the first time this happen to me in a relationship.

And you know why is that happening?

Because we are part of the same energy. And we both try to contribute to each other’s life’s as much as we can.

In this unit of energy that we are both part, we both contribute with our love, with our jumps in life, with our projects that will allows both to be closer and closer to our prebirthlife plans… And this energy is the engine and fuel that allows us to continue the movement.

This is the way we live together, in mutual contribution.