Why we love each other, a Happy Birthday gift


Today is his birthday. We don’t celebrate so much birthdays. What we really celebrate are  jumps and movements forward in our lives. This is what it really makes us happy, when we reach the next level, when we walk a new step forward and we gain energy, and we go farther in the journey  of accomplishing our Pre-Birth Life Plans.

Even though we don’t celebrate it so much, this morning I drew a card for him. It is not the first time I do it. We are giving each other nice messages in a regular basis; sometimes written others while speaking… He is has brought it into an art. Everything that will bring good feelings is welcome 🙂

Today we woke up quite early. After doing some things -the card I gave him was one of them- he suggested me to go to the room to enjoy sometime for ourselves. The house was still quite. We had about 45 minutes to be together.

In the room my aura suggested us to say why we love each other, so quite and relax while renting in the bed we did so 🙂

This simple act brought a lot of beautiful feelings to both of us. We record it because it is always beautiful to reach one of this energy-giving conversations and listen it again.

And we want to share it with you:

Click to Listen

This is what reminds me that usually is not a matter of how long time you spend with your partner, but what is the quality of the time you spend with him/her.

Enjoy it!

With love and light,



About lovesoulsandmusic

This blog is the story of how after many years of difficult and seemingly impossible relationships across the world I finally actually found the person I am living a real-love and always-in-movement and development relationship. Through my story I hope I can inspire others to know that you also can create a relationship where to find real joy and happiness. How and why I know that he is the person I will be with the rest of my life, and how you can know it too. And maybe, give you some hints about how I fell into traps that were leading me to desperation and in some situations also denigration, feeling attracted by men that will not bring me development and real love.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this intimate and loving conversation about loving each other. It fills my heart and soul with hope that one day I may experience such a partnership!

  2. Uf Laura! Me he emocionado! Me he derretido! Que bonito! Que dulce! Que regalo!

    Ni siquiera es necesario entenderlo bien, se percibe absolutamente la profundidad de la relación que teneis.

    Es precioso. Que grande!, que grande el amor que sentís es uno por el otro. Estoy flipando de que este tipo de relación exista más allá de las bombillitas de colores del enamoramiento. Ese amor profundo que perdura, que se sostiene, que se siente y se transmite.

    Para mi ha sido un regalo haber podido escuchar, aunque no haya entendido bien, que “es posible” tener una relación de profundidad, de complicidad, de amor verdadero, de “estoy para ti” y de “siento que te quiero en cada célula de mi cuerpo y más allá”.

    Voy a conseguir que alguien me lo traduzca bien, quiero entenderlo del todo.

    Mil gracias a los dos por compartir este regalo. Me sienta bien saber que esto es posible y existe en este planeta.

    With love and light


  3. Wow amazing and beautiful conversation! I was in tears after listening to it. It touched my heart and inspired me and my partner Florian to share why we love eachother. It really brought us closer and brought a beautiful energy in our life that day. Thank you for sharing lovely!


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