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Life in movement: but what type of movement? (part 1)


There are many ways to be in movement in your life.

Which one would you like to be?

Are you moving as a spinning top?

peonza from flickriver Devansh Jhaveri

When we look at the spinning top we can see how fast it is moving.

Many times it is moving so fast that we cannot see anymore the lines that are carved in its surface.

It is moving so fast that you can even feel dizzy after a while concentrated in its movement.

But, have you noticed that at the same time it is moving fast it is looking at the same landscape, same situations, same images passing through…?    

At the end of so much movement, it is in the same place where it started.

Is your life like the spinning top that after so much movement you are in the same place?  Same patterns of failed relationships, same fears, same feeling of loneliness, same questions again and again, same routines, same conversations, same, same, same… Everything stays the same?

_ – _ – _ – _ _ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – _

Do you want to have an established route in you life? 

To have to: settle down and create a family you are not happy with to please your parents, have an office job because you studied for that and you cannot deceive your family, have a house and a mortgage because this is what they told us we need to do, go to parties because it looks like this is the way to have fun and enjoy life, to travel the world because this is what people does for vacation and it looks like it brings something to their life…

Do you need to follow success as it is understood in the culture you belong to because this is what they told you what success means?

You either prefer to be free to choose your path, your way, what to do, with who to do it, when and how…? To choose when and with whom to create a family without the pressure of the society? To choose what is success for you? 

To create your life in a way you don’t need to escape from?

_ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – __ – _ – _ – _

Do you feel that your life is like a kite? It looks nice, beautiful, fun, colorful… but even though it would like to fly farther it is impossible as there are almost invisible threats holding her, limiting her.

Did you ever feel free like a bird in the wild: knowing what to do, when, how, feeling confident, alive? 

If you look at your surroundings you will see many things in movement. But is that movement a movement forward?

Is this movement creating a change, an improvement in people’s life or in their surroundings?

Is this movement bringing more smiles to people’s faces?

Is this movement improving their capacity to create a healthy family or relationship?

Is this movement giving an alternative to people that will not use drugs to be in another reality, find paradises where to escape, find success in building where nature existed before, or spending hours in an office to make other people richer…? An alternative to tears, shouts, anger, envy, fights, abuse, stress…?

Please, stay tuned for the second part in which I explain what movement means 🙂

If you want I invite you to bring answers to the questions I ask in the comments below.

2nd Part Coming soon!