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Everything started with a very long hair…


I would like to share with you something that I do with my partner. I never did it with any other partner before. Probably if someone would have given me the idea few years ago I would have not seen the fun on it. Or I would have thought: “He will probably not want to do it”.

Now it is part of my life and I enjoy it very much! And when we do it together in our room, very close one to each other it can create a very intimate, fun and cozy atmosphere that both of us enjoy a lot.

What you see here below is a drawing that Yam and me di done day when we were spending time on our “couple time”. We grabbed a set of colors, we put it on the bed and we started a cooperative drawing. What is that?

It is a drawing in which more than one person participate at the same time and altogether create a unique drawing made out of the energy of all the people who is participating.

In this case, the people were my partner and I. And we decided that what we were drawing would come with a story. So we started creating the story at the same time we were drawing together.

At the end we were so excited that we continued with a second drawing.

In the meantime the colors and shapes were dancing together in a very funny way. We laughed a lot with our crazy ideas.

Everything started with one hair… Out of the strong only hair a head starting to grow in a very special way: attached to a contrabass. And actually the hair on his head is what he uses to play the music from the contrabass. And it is so strong that when is a sunny day he uses the hair as sunglasses, to cover the sun from his eyes. As he likes people to enjoy life, he plays wherever he goes. So he travels to the mountains, to beaches, to forests with the all terrain wheels he has, bringing music and enjoyment to all creatures he meets on the way…

And he has a friend that is a flee that looks as a spider so we decide that it is a spider-flee that comes with him to all trips he does. And the spider-flee has antennas that can broadcast the music he is playing like a radio. So we have a contrabass man who travels and plays music and his radio-spider-flee friend.

And everything started with a very long hair…

And from here on I would like to invite you to cooperate and see what your imagination is bringing to you when you see these drawings!

Let’s create a story together!!

You can ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, kids, family… to look at the drawings and create out of it a story together or well to invent one from the beggning. Everything that brings humour, good feelings and laughter is welcome! (Violence, aggression or/and abuse are NOT welcome.)

Feel free to send me your drawings if you decide to draw something and don’t be afraid to change the story or the characters! This is a life story! I will publish them on the blog 🙂 if you want to, of course. It would be great if you can send me a bit the idea of the story but if you cannot, no problem! We will try to imagine together what it is!

Maybe this will be the starting seed of a new way to do new things with your partner, your kids, your friends…




With lots of love and gratitude


I just want to give the credit that they deserve to the brave family who, no matter what, they are permanently supporting the project Healaura (, moving it forward and bringing energy and love for us to continue our journey!!

They are the Cooper Family, they are also a non-profit family band ( and they are the most amazing people I ever met!! 🙂 If you see them together you can see that there is something special there.

They have created from scratch the project were we have learned how to connect to our auras in a very pure way. With them and with the support of the energy beings that are connected and are supporting this project we are doing a very deep self development work that are helping us to have MUCH BETTER LIFE!!! And, as part of it, we are connecting and discovering our soul plan. No doubts, it is an amazing journey!!!

My life now is richer than ever!!!

With love and lots of gratitude for their dedication, love and support,


NOTE: in the website of their music you can hear a song in which Mother Earth is giving a message to humans. It is worthwhile to invest some minutes and listen carefully the words. The message is very strong and powerful.

A message from Mother Earth


One of the amazing things that are happening in my life since I am aligned with my prebirth life plan and learning about how to connect to my aura is that I can channel different sources of the Universe. I ask them for support, I consult them when I need help or clarity and they help me out.

Today I wanted to know how Mother Earth was feeling about this post and if she had something to say about it.

And this is her message:

A Message from Mother Earth

No matter how far you think you are going, if you are not aligned with your soul purpose you will always have the feeling of being lost or not really have found the right place for yourself. You will look around you and your relationships with your kids, your partner, in your work place… will not be as good as you would like.

In the moment you find out about your life purpose and you start working according to it, you start creating the relationships in your life according to it, building your future in this planet according to it, then you will feel you have arrived home. You will not need to take a vacation to rest.

You will live on vacation.

If you remember, during the vacations not everyday is an easy day, but every day you do your best to enjoy. And when the vacation finishes and you look behind, you feel like: “wow, this was worthy it! No matter all the difficulties I am glad I did it!”

How do you want your life to look like?

Like a vacation, worthy to live, were you are free to choose with who, when and how? Or like a long consecutive periods of slavery with some days of freedom in between, let’s call it vacation?

It is your choice.

With all the respect for all creatures in this Planet,


Mother Earth channeled by Laura