The Circle of Losing my Life by trying to find a real PARTNER


I have spent most of my life single and when I was sharing my life with someone I had the “tendency” to choose the wrong ones. The ones who didn’t give me support, didn’t want to share the same direction, didn’t accept my strength, were trying to control me in different ways… Even though in many cases they were applying this control in such a subtle way that was almost impossible to notice it. So when I was in a relationship I was investing almost all my energy in making it work.

And the times I was single, I was spending all my energy in trying to find a partner.

I invite you to check

                                          “The Circle of Losing Our Lives through our Partnerships”

The circle or losing our lives...

Do you feel you are in any of these stages?

We are born with tones of energy –vital energy, I mean. Along our life when we find a partner that cannot contribute to our life in a deep level of development and we cannot contribute to their life in the same level of development, sooner or later we will feel that something is not working. Years and years will pass and we will see ourselves in a constant search and try like in a laboratory, trying to find the right formula, or in a relationship that can move from not that bad, just boring to drama partnership. In between there are many other options, most of them not very appealing.

The educational system, the media, the TV, the romantic movies… show again and again a fake picture of what is life as a couple, what is love… And even when we try not to believe what they say (which is an extra effort), it is so much in our blood that it is almost impossible not to be affected and directed by this pattern.

I invite you to look to your parents, the friends of your parents, the parents of your friends, inside your family… Look for couples or singles at their 50’s when they have lived their lives enough years to see how painful and frustrating is not to have side by side the right person. They have already created a family –in most of the cases- and at this point, their children don’t really want to spend a lot of time with their parents, family time and family meetings are something that is better not to have very often if they want to keep breathing, they –as partners- are tired of life, and trying to look for something that will bring some joy to their lives they are dreaming with having grandchildren… “For sure a baby will bring some smiles and warmth…” they think to themselves.

For many years I was observing closely different families that were part of my surrounding. I was looking for my dream of finding the SECRET for a HEALTHY family in which their members would really help each other, support each other, love each other and share a common development.

I couldn’t find it. Not even one of the families in my surrounding were deeply happy. Life is hard, many will think. It is more than that. It is not a matter of how hard is life.

It is a matter of learning. No one, ever, taught us how to build a relationship, how to develop with our partner, how to find out when is not a person for us, how to find the person that will match our hearts and souls.

And in this process of trying and trying and trying and trying our lives are passing and sooner or later we will not have the energy to build anything, to create anything new, to support anyone or to even try to find anyone anymore. And in this process we will finally release part of ourselves or even we will release completely ourselves. And this will be like disappearing, like not existing anymore.

Have you ever thought before how much is affecting us to find the right person?

But, how can we find them? If you already read some of my posts probably you will imagine the answer… if not, maybe now is a good moment to take some minutes and read them 😉 And if you prefer to wait a bit, in some days I will explain you my personal experience, that is also the experience of several of my friends.

Here you might find some answers 🙂

Thank you for reading me.

See you soon!

With love,



About lovesoulsandmusic

This blog is the story of how after many years of difficult and seemingly impossible relationships across the world I finally actually found the person I am living a real-love and always-in-movement and development relationship. Through my story I hope I can inspire others to know that you also can create a relationship where to find real joy and happiness. How and why I know that he is the person I will be with the rest of my life, and how you can know it too. And maybe, give you some hints about how I fell into traps that were leading me to desperation and in some situations also denigration, feeling attracted by men that will not bring me development and real love.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! These questions and thoughts I have had in my mind, and it’s like you expressed very clearly how I was feeling about relationships… my past failed relationships and the reasons behind why I had so much confusion around my feelings and not understanding my own process and about choosing my partners. What I feel now is that in my previous relationship I had a ton of energy loss because there was not the opportunity, or the tools, to be able to connect on a deep level. I believe what we are shown through media (movies, advertisements, tv shows, books) and sold what love is supposed to be is actually completely superficial and both people in the relationship are swimming around completely lost. I look forward to reading more! Big Hugs and Lots of Love 🙂 Stenya~~~

  2. Thank you Stenya!! I appreciate your comment very much!!!

    We are so many people falling into the traps of the noisy picture that what is surrounding us is offering us!! We have lost the ability to discern. Since I am able to contact with other sources I have started to feel that I have the tools to bypass those sources of noise and confusion and have the ability to create something clean, clear, creative, fresh, loving… for first time in my life.

    Thank you,


    • Thank you very much TheGirl! I really appreciate it!!

      Good luck to you too!! If any time you feel that you want to explore something that can blow up your mind and help you directly to find your life partner, don’t doubt to contact me. I will be really happy to talk to you about it 🙂

      You can reach a completely new Universe of a relationship (and other areas in life) if you are open to try something completely different 🙂

      Thank you again for the nomination and I will be very glad if you continue joining energy with the blog 🙂

      Have a beautiful evening!


  3. I look forward to your perspective and appreciate your thoughts. Some of our thoughts overlap, although I think we are of different ages. I use the same background on my posts! Take care!

  4. My life told me that you will find the true love, only when you are NOT trying to find it. Live and do what you should. Love as much as you may. You are bound to fall and rise. And when its time you find the right one. Even if its half past life !

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I hope it will not bother you if I answer you in a very direct way.
      Do you think you have all the tools and information that exist in this matter? Unfortunately we are not aware about everything. Actually I feel that we pretty much lost in this topic, as well as in many others. not only you, also the rest of the human race.

      One of the things I want to tell you is that, from my point of view the idea of the true love comes very much from the media. What will happen if your true love is death by the time you arrive to meet him or her? Or if it is in another country that you will never get to visit?

      As humans we are able to create and develop relationships, we have this ability, but no one ever taught us how to do or how to identify with who to do it. Because not everyone will be a good option.

      About a year ago I found my partner, in a very special way. He was not part of my awareness environment. Actually he was completely not an option for me in my mind. He was not an option, and that’s it. If you have read other posts you will see that I am doing a very special energy work. Though this energy work the door for both of opened and we decided to try. Against any logic as he is 10 years younger than me. It was fast. W e realized that we do very very good together. Better than with any other relationship I ever had. Through the same energy work I started to get the tools to build a relationship and to maintain it, to know how to create harmony, how to cooperate together, how to develop together, how to build a family. I had never have any awareness of knowledge about the existence of these tools, not even about the existence of so many circumstances that I didn’t know how to solve. I have gain my life back through this energy work. I have found a partner that fits me from the very first moment.
      If I would have waited, I don’t think I would have been able to recognize who can be a true love. With who to try to create this special relationship. I didn’t have the tools. Now I have them.

      If you want to know more you can write me to
      I will be glad to explain you more.

      With love,


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