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Fathers day, mother’s day, love day…


Why do you think we need all those reminders?

Marketers found out before the rest of the population that there was something missing and they created a product to satisfy this missing piece of the puzzle.

It is all very well organize: there is no family time or time to build relationship in our own houses because we need to work a lot to have houses that will contain all the things the society is telling us we need. But what happen with our health? With our relationships? With our development as human beings? With our children? They learn from us what is important and what is not. When money is our direction, money will remind us when to love and how. And money has many faces: cloths, cars, houses, status… 

Do you want to satisfy them or create  life in which you are able to remember by yourself those days?


Because if you realize, these days can be everyday. 

Everyday is THE DAY to give a hug to my partner, take him to a walk in the forest and share with him all the smiles in the world, jokes, caring, cuddling…

Everyday is THE DAY to support him in his development

Everyday is THE DAY to cook together or for each other

Everyday is THE DAY to call my mother and tell her I love her

Everyday is THE DAY to draw a picture with a big smile in it and write sentences that will make her smile

Everyday is THE DAY to talk soft and loving to my partner, even if we don’t agree in a subject

Everyday is THE DAY to offer a different point of view and work on it together

Everyday is THE DAY to build my relationship with the people I love, to care for them, support them, hug them, show them I love them and share with them my life.

Everyday is THE DAY to sing a song together: friends, partner…

Everyday is THE DAY to do silly things together that will make us smile (not on the expenses of others, always respecting everyone)

Everyday is THE DAY to help the ones we love develop and do new steps, overcome fears…

Everyday is THE DAY to overcome whatever will come with a smile and jokes.

Everyday is THE DAY for whatever you want to build in your life.

" I need a very big box to be able give the present to my father" A real present for every day

” I need a very big box to be able give the present to my father” A real present for every day

If your life means money, this is what you will have in your life. But check if the price for that is your life itself, because most of the times this is the price. 

With love,



Confessions from a blogger


Hi all!

I want to share with you all my thoughts, because these thoughts have blocked me from writing in this blog. Have blocked me from sharing with you what I really love to share, my experience in life. Because I know that they can help many people to see that other life is possible.

I could start saying that… I am in a very very very busy period of my life. But as far as I see the future coming and the way I have decided to deal with my life, it will not change 🙂 So this excuse it is no more than that: an excuse.

The real reason is that I have had many thoughts related to the excellence of the blog. In the moment I saw the blog was starting to receive more visitors my mind started to be full of…

“I really need to give good stuff to this people! They are investing their time on my blog”

“I really need to prepare the posts well”

“My English… it is probably not so good. Probably people is feeling that I am not good in writting”

“I cannot be boring, I need to really do interesting posts to engage them from the begining!! There so many amazing bloggers!!”

Did it ever happen to you, blogger, writer, “sharer“, …?

It cannot continue like this.

This blog is my voice. A voice that is sharing with love her experience in life. In a life that before wasn’t that good at all. A voice that want to show to other people that they can be happier in their life’s , in their relationships, wit their kids… I am not going to let these discouraging voices to stop me writing what it can help to so many people.

I had even thoughts about sharing this with all of you, but it is time to continue my journey, go over them and show my presence with all my love here again. 

So I just declare to all who will read me that I am not ashamed if my English is not perfect, if the topics are not interesting enough or whatever else!

This is my voice: clear, loving, and strong. Sharing from my heart to all of you many of my experiences, intimacies and thoughts.

Because, at the end, what is perfection?

From my heart I feel that perfection is the reflection of the light that our souls bring to every creature. Perfection is constant development. Perfection is movement. Perfection is a smile, a respectful joke, a nice comment, a hand to someone who needs it, a protest against an injustice, a decision to love, a kiss, a hug… Surrounded by so many perfections, there is no place for any of these blocking thoughts 🙂

Thank you all for listening -reading,

With love,


PS: if someone feels like sharing something from their experiences in life wit their partners, kids, just in their lifes… I will be very glad to hear from you!!