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A “Simple” discussion… (Part 2)


The same situation?

                                                                       A different approach?

Creating a new reality for both together

                                                                                  Let’s see together

Communication instead of persuation

                                                               Communication instead of persuasion

Looking at the big picture together

     Looking at the big picture together

Opening a new place where to try new things

                                                        Opening a new space where to try new things

For many people this second part can look like a representation of a couple that have a good relationship or even like the picture of a good day in a regular relationship. But if you look deeper into the situation you will see that in this second option about the same situation there are some significant differences:

  • CREATION: Both partners are ready to release their own ideas and look for an option that will help in the development of both. The reason is not because they are very good people. The reason is that they work as a unit of energy for the development of both. They know that both will win in such situation.
  • There is COMMUNICATION instead of persuasion, which almost 100% of the times imply manipulation.
  • OPENNESS to include any change if needed, any new option can be an option.
  • DEVELOPMENT: They decide to do an activity that will bring support and development to both of them instead of choosing a “spending-time activity”. This kind of activities direct the people to let the time pass in a more entertained way but don’t bring any support to their lives or any help to move their life forward. Our two lovely couple go further and look for something that will nurture their lives. And with this I  don’t mean that it has to be going to a museum or do “intellectual” activities. It doesn’t mean that at all. There are many activities like what I showed you some posts ago that can help both to develop and have good time together. You can read it in: Everything started with a long hair… 🙂
  • And much more!

One of the main things that makes a difference is that in this second comic there is CHANNELING. This channeling brought them in few moments alternatives they didn’t think about before about. Combinations that blew their minds up! Combinations directed to make them happier people, more smiley, more creative people…

Don’t you think that channeling is amazing? It is like having your own guide with you all the time, ready to help at any time. Ready to show you what you cannot see with your own eyes. And it is an ability that everybody can learn!

But I don’t want to convince you about anything, just share how the relationship approach, since I am able to connect with my aura has changed to better in a really significant way.

Now I create my relationship from very creative places day by day. There is always something new. Routine is a word that is not part of our relationship dictionary 🙂 (and this is also applicable to our intimate time… maybe this will be for another post 😉 )

Thank you for reading it!

With love,


PS: by the way, both comics are a real reflection of how things were solved and planned in my last relationships and now. The “Now” picture is the one related to channeling, the second part 🙂 and I would never want to change it for the first part of a Simple discussion…


Everything started with a very long hair…


I would like to share with you something that I do with my partner. I never did it with any other partner before. Probably if someone would have given me the idea few years ago I would have not seen the fun on it. Or I would have thought: “He will probably not want to do it”.

Now it is part of my life and I enjoy it very much! And when we do it together in our room, very close one to each other it can create a very intimate, fun and cozy atmosphere that both of us enjoy a lot.

What you see here below is a drawing that Yam and me di done day when we were spending time on our “couple time”. We grabbed a set of colors, we put it on the bed and we started a cooperative drawing. What is that?

It is a drawing in which more than one person participate at the same time and altogether create a unique drawing made out of the energy of all the people who is participating.

In this case, the people were my partner and I. And we decided that what we were drawing would come with a story. So we started creating the story at the same time we were drawing together.

At the end we were so excited that we continued with a second drawing.

In the meantime the colors and shapes were dancing together in a very funny way. We laughed a lot with our crazy ideas.

Everything started with one hair… Out of the strong only hair a head starting to grow in a very special way: attached to a contrabass. And actually the hair on his head is what he uses to play the music from the contrabass. And it is so strong that when is a sunny day he uses the hair as sunglasses, to cover the sun from his eyes. As he likes people to enjoy life, he plays wherever he goes. So he travels to the mountains, to beaches, to forests with the all terrain wheels he has, bringing music and enjoyment to all creatures he meets on the way…

And he has a friend that is a flee that looks as a spider so we decide that it is a spider-flee that comes with him to all trips he does. And the spider-flee has antennas that can broadcast the music he is playing like a radio. So we have a contrabass man who travels and plays music and his radio-spider-flee friend.

And everything started with a very long hair…

And from here on I would like to invite you to cooperate and see what your imagination is bringing to you when you see these drawings!

Let’s create a story together!!

You can ask your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, kids, family… to look at the drawings and create out of it a story together or well to invent one from the beggning. Everything that brings humour, good feelings and laughter is welcome! (Violence, aggression or/and abuse are NOT welcome.)

Feel free to send me your drawings if you decide to draw something and don’t be afraid to change the story or the characters! This is a life story! I will publish them on the blog 🙂 if you want to, of course. It would be great if you can send me a bit the idea of the story but if you cannot, no problem! We will try to imagine together what it is!

Maybe this will be the starting seed of a new way to do new things with your partner, your kids, your friends…