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With lots of love and gratitude


I just want to give the credit that they deserve to the brave family who, no matter what, they are permanently supporting the project Healaura (www.healaura.com), moving it forward and bringing energy and love for us to continue our journey!!

They are the Cooper Family, they are also a non-profit family band (http://vivibemusic.org/) and they are the most amazing people I ever met!! 🙂 If you see them together you can see that there is something special there.

They have created from scratch the project were we have learned how to connect to our auras in a very pure way. With them and with the support of the energy beings that are connected and are supporting this project we are doing a very deep self development work that are helping us to have MUCH BETTER LIFE!!! And, as part of it, we are connecting and discovering our soul plan. No doubts, it is an amazing journey!!!

My life now is richer than ever!!!

With love and lots of gratitude for their dedication, love and support,


NOTE: in the website of their music you can hear a song in which Mother Earth is giving a message to humans. It is worthwhile to invest some minutes and listen carefully the words. The message is very strong and powerful.


Life in movement: but what type of movement? (part 2)


I was traveling for around 15 months all over Asia and other different countries. For all the people who saw me, I was literally in movement. While moving in my scoter or by bike from my job to home and back I was again in movement. No doubt about it. Probably many people would have say that I was in intense movement as I was doing at the same time several courses, going to the gym, meeting friends, moving different projects, trips…

Along all my life, when I was about to start a movement, one of the first questions I was asking to myself was: in which direction? Is this directing me where I really want to be? Most of the times the question after was: do I really know where I want to be or I am just following what others taught me that is supposed to be the direction?

And the answer was always: “ok, I don’t know the answer to none of this questions but I am willing to try”.

For many years I just moved in a mode of searching for something else. The movement I was doing (the trips, the different courses and jobs I was doing) didn’t bring anything really special or fulfilling or life changing to my life. Even though I saw many different countries and cultures I didn’t find balance, I kept taking with me to all my trips the bag of traumas, sadness, bad relationships, fears… I always had. The environment was changing, the faces of the people too… but anything else deeper was moving. I was in constant movement and at the same time as stuck as always.

At that point I didn’t know that there was an option to be in constant physical movement and at the same time stay immobile, stuck in the same place. Now I can see that this was the place I was.

How come? How can it happen?

I didn’t know that there is a kind of movement, very powerful and accessible to every one that creates amazing results in people’s life’s.

This movement can change tears in a permanent smiles, loneliness into a community, a fear as big as an elephant into a very small microscopic particle that you don’t even feel anymore, a deep trauma or pain from the past into a future full of possibilities and development, a feeling of tiredness into full power! The feeling I had many times of “I can not do it”, “this is too much for me” into a “of course I can! Everything is possible!”…

This movement is the movement of energy in your life. And it has another important element: the direction. Movement but, in which direction? And for that, now that I am already in the way I can answer that: towards discovering and reaching your Soul Plan or Life Purpose.

When I decided to move to Canada I didn’t know anything about what I would do here. In my thoughts it was another trip to another country. I was thinking: “ok, I would live there for a year, enjoy the experience, meet face to face the people I am sharing the aura lifestyle with: the Healaura Community and go back to my country with a feeling of that I learned some English, new people and maybe something else”.

Everything was feeling uncertain. I was just trying.

I was already in the direction of discovering my Life Purpose, but still in the beginning of the journey. There were many things that at that point I couldn’t deeply understand. It wasn’t a matter of intelligence; it was a matter of my level of energy. There is information that even if they explain to you in the most clear and simple way, if your energy is low, there is no way you will understand the deeper level, and sometimes not even the most superficial level.

Suddenly, few days after arriving to Canada things started to fall into place -completely free of effort- in an amazing way.

In less than a month my life partner and me were feeling that we could build something solid, strong and in the same direction together, I was working in a job where I was genuinely being appreciated and I was contributing to others, I was in a deep developing process… I started to see how my life was starting to become full of meaning, deeper understanding and happier. It was starting to be something that I really wanted to live.

After few months I am starting my own business in parallel of the work I do in Healaura and I keep contributing to others. I enjoy every single thing I do in my life, I am in constant development towards the next step, I am receiving support in every matter in my life (more than ever), I laugh, I love, I am able to turn into a nice day what it was supposed to be a terrible day… and one of the main things and reasons why all the things above are happening is because I am aligned with my Life Purpose.

My partner, my work, my relationships… everything will help and support my development. We have the same vision and purpose. 

This is what makes the difference between being in movement and stay in the same place or being in movement and keep moving and finding new amazing things in your life.

Supportive smiles after a non easy day

Supportive smiles after a non easy day